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September 20, 2019

The Skin Care That Keeps You Looking Good Every Day ✨

Thanks to the magic of Instagram filters, Photoshop and iPhone apps, anyone can have luminous, even skin in a photo. If you want that look in real life, though, it takes more than tapping and swiping! Even expertly applied makeup won’t get the same skin-smoothing results as a simple, effective skin care routine that includes washing, moisturizing, serums, and using daily sunscreen. Your daily habits make all the difference.
So, how can you tell which daily skin care products will get the best results?

The answer depends on your skin type and concerns, but we always recommend that our patients use dermatology-grade products (also known as medical-grade products) from brands like SkinCeuticals, SkinMedica, Isdin, Sente, Alastin, Neocutis and our own in-house skincare line of products – all of which have long-lasting and highly concentrated active ingredients. Sure, they might be more expensive, but you’ll get your money’s worth with faster, more noticeable results.
Choosing dermatology-grade skin care is a way of protecting your investment and making sure your cosmetic and laser, light and energy-based treatments performed by our board-certified dermatologists are all worth it. Really, if you’ve put any sort of effort into making your skin look good, it pays to keep it up.
To help you get started on your new skincare regimen, we have a special offer on skin care: Enjoy 15% off all skincare. Give this simple intro regimen a try, and see the difference it makes for your skin, filter-free! Once you see a glowing complexion in the mirror, we bet you’ll be back for more. *Offer expires September 30th.